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                    About us

                    Guangdong ibell Electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant departments of the state. It is a listed enterprise for the production and export of kitchen appliances. The company's securities code is 230206, mainly for the production and sales of household appliances, including water heaters, range hoods, cooking utensils, disinfection cabinets, water purifiers, dishwashers, etc., and engaged in import and export business.

                    The company is established in Shunde, the kingdom of home appliances, located in the south area of Ronggui with beautiful scenery. It has advanced production and testing equipment and automatic assembly line. It is specialized in creating kitchen and sanitary products. The company has its own brand, OEM for many international brands, and has independent development ability at the same time!

                    The company has passed CB certification of International Electrotechnical Commission, CE certification of European Union, ISO9001:2008 certification and 3C certification of national compulsory products. The products have won many honors and patents successively. Ibell electric pursues the concept of quality first and quality first, and constantly strives for innovation,

                    In line with the principle of being responsible for customers and satisfying customers, actively participate in various large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad under the implementation of global and professional marketing strategies.

                    Ibell's product sales have covered more than 150 countries and regions around the world, covering North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Oceania.

                    For the domestic market, Guangdong ibell Electric Co., Ltd. has set up a number of marketing outlets, with Guangdong as the center, and divided the whole country into several large areas for marketing layout. Ibell Electric has a well-trained marketing team of professional business personnel.

                    E-commerce is an important development goal of the company. E-commerce has settled in Jingdong, Suning and other professional home appliances, and has good sales on Taobao, pinduoduo, Amazon and other platforms.

                    At the end of 2017, the company carried out the joint-stock reform and was listed in February 2018, officially entering the capital market! Looking forward to the future, Abel Electric will follow the pace of the times, lead the trend of household appliances, and build the company's international brand and characteristic culture.

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