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                    LGs development of thermoelectric semiconductor can reduce the size of household appliances by 40

                    LG Innotek, an electronics component manufacturer of LG Group, announced on June 12 that its innovative thermoelectric semiconductor products can reduce the noise of household appliances and significantly reduce the size of household appliances, Yonhap reported. For cars and boats, it can improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

                    It is understood that thermoelectric semiconductors use Peltie effect to supply power to semiconductor components with one end cold and one end hot, and use Seebeck effect to generate current through temperature difference.

                    LG Innotek has built a dedicated thermoelectric semiconductor production line in Gumi, South Korea, and is scheduled to produce in the first half of 2019. The product uses nano polycrystalline materials and has a wide range of uses. LG Innotek claims that in terms of household appliances, thermoelectric semiconductors can reduce refrigerator and water purifier noise and reduce the size of household appliances by up to 40%.

                    For cars and ships, thermoelectric semiconductors can turn waste heat into electricity, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. According to LG Innotek, a 1600cc diesel car can run 18 kilometers with one liter of oil, and a liter of oil can run 19.8 kilometers with thermoelectric semiconductors. For ships, it can help shipowners to reach new IMO air pollution regulations.

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