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                    There is no technical content in range hood and cooker, but they are more expensive than color TV in refrigerator. Why?

                    Now, in urban decoration, every household has to install range hoods. I don't know if you find a very strange phenomenon. Why are range hoods without any technical content, but the price is very expensive, from more than a thousand to tens of thousands, or even tens of thousands, which is more expensive than the color TV in the refrigerator. Why?

                    A friend who is engaged in kitchen appliance business said: the principle of the range hood is very simple, just like placing an inverted fan in the pipe. In fact, there is no technical content at all, and the materials are very simple, basically glass or stainless steel, and the cost is very low. In fact, if you have a strong ability to do it yourself, you can do it yourself, but the appearance is not so beautiful.

                    Nowadays, many brands boast about the high technology, easy cleaning, low noise and easy decontamination. But these materials are very simple, basically glass or stainless steel products, and the cost is not expensive. But look at the lampblack machine on the market today, the price is on the sky, and it's often tens of thousands!

                    Gas stoves have no technical content, just a carrier to make a fire. All the pure copper core and toughened glass in the advertisements are used to cheat the passers-by, and the cost is very low.

                    That's strange. We all know that without technical content, we can easily sell thousands, even tens of thousands? You may want to think about products that look similar. How can prices differ so much?


                    First: the high price route taken by the range hood industry from the beginning, no matter foreign brands or domestic brands, there is little internal noise and self fighting price war, and the marketing means is very strong.

                    Second, consumers always feel that they have to buy something good. If they buy something cheap, they are afraid of the poor quality and the bad influence on home use.

                    Second: we have to admit that several brands are monopolized. Frankly speaking, price alliance, everyone has made an agreement on what level of windfall profits to keep. It's such a simple thing.

                    Third: advertising fees, big brands need to ask star endorsement to advertise, as well as product image publicity and other costs. It's not surprising that the price is too high!

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